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Hi, I’m Sharnie

Functional Wellness Coach, Trained Physical Therapist, Mom and Health-Obsessed CEO

I’ve been in love with healthy living ever since I was a little girl. Even at 13, I knew that someday I’d grow up to help women heal their bodies; I just didn’t know how yet. I was fascinated by how the human body worked and moved, and how I could improve it so it functioned better and better each day.

Eventually, I chose the Physical Therapy track because it focused on what the BODY could do (not medication). On a daily basis, I met men and women who were recovering from car accidents, surgeries, and illness, and I supported them in making their bodies work better.

I marveled at our natural ability to heal ourselves from within — no matter what the problem.

Meanwhile, my battle with my own body was playing out full force behind the scenes. I’d wake up exhausted each morning, barely able to pull myself out of bed. I’d head to work, and by the end of the day, I was so tired, I’d daydream about putting my kids to bed early, just so I could have a few hours of solid rest. I simply didn’t have the energy resources I needed to live a fulfilling life.

There was no energy left over to play.
No energy left over to enjoy my life.
No energy left over to be the full Sharnie.

There was no energy left over to play.
No energy left over to enjoy my life.
No energy left over to be the full Sharnie.

Maybe you can relate?

Exhaustion wasn’t the only issue I faced either

My digestion was also off balance. Eating food had real consequences, like bloating and pain. I didn’t understand what was happening, and I didn’t have a mentor to ask. In fact, whenever I asked my friends or the people around me for advice, I was told, “It’s normal to be tired all the time — especially as a mom” and “You’re fine.”

Deep down, I knew this well-meaning advice was wrong.

That’s when I turned to functional medicine. I began to approach my life like a detective on a hot case.


What was leading to this exhaustion?

Why did I feel so crummy all the time?

When I made a change, did that change help?

What could I do to eliminate these issues?

Could I *ever* feel better?

For months, I dedicated myself to studying the mind, the body and the spirit so I could treat the root cause.

(not the symptoms on the surface like mainstream medicine)

Suddenly, a pattern began to emerge. I was able to connect the dots between my emotions, my thoughts, my spirit, and my body and see just how much they were intertwined.

I realized focusing on my body alone was never gonna solve the deeper issues…yet that’s exactly what I’d been taught to do as a medical professional.

Armed with this new knowledge, I got to work on Patient #1: myself.

I began developing my own path for Optimal Wellness — one that’s built not around BandAid solutions like surgery and meds, but instead on the natural holistic healing of our mind, body, and spirit.

I started to slow down and listen to myself again and tune into my own body wisdom. I developed confidence in my voice and my desires. I added meditation to my daily practice.

I started thinking of myself beyond just my body — but on a cellular level — and I asked myself how I could support my cells in functioning at their highest levels. I dialed into the key nutrients my body was deficient in, and I paid attention to the specific foods that triggered digestive issues and eliminated them.

All of these steps together allowed me to heal myself from the inside out

believe me when I say

Healing does not need to take a long time.
In fact, it can happen very quickly.

It wasn’t long before my health did a complete 180. After recommitting to my wellness, I’m able to wake up without the alarm clock. Hitting the snooze button is a thing of the past. And even though my life is busier now than it ever has been, I’m sourced with steady energy that lasts until my head hits the pillow.

While I’m sad about the time I spent exhausted and in pain, I know that I went through this experience to save other women from struggling the way I did. I’ve helped women create the health of their dreams.

  • 1 So they can have more energy.
  • 2 So they can sleep better.
  • 3 So they can optimize their digestion.
  • 4 So they can heal from disorders, illnesses and imbalances.
  • 5 So they can feel amazing in their bodies.
  • 6 So they can liberate themselves from the small life they’re forced to live when their health is suffering.

Now it’s your turn.